Welcome to DSS Group

DSS – Digital Service Solution GmbH was founded in 2021 as the first Austrian digital environment for creators and entrepreneurs. DSS Group is the fastest growing digital playground in central europe.

Legal Informations

DSS Group is a union of all brands, products and inventions created and supported by DSS - Digital Service Solution GmbH.

15+ Brands and Products

Crowdinvesting in smart ideas and solutions.

Invest together with DSS into smart digital products. We make it possible to roll out companies as quick as possible. With minimal risk for all parties (thanks to our process).

Fast grow - monitored and managed by automations and AI

Our job is to build ideas and make them grow. Rapid growth is doomed to failure in classic corporate structures. For investments, however, fast growth is indispensable or a huge reason for decision.

How we manage to unite these opposites:


multiplier of earnings per year (total DSS Group)

150% ROI

return of investment per year (in average on set in captial)

Benefits of working with DSS (entrepreneur view)

Especially when it comes to having an open ear and having conversations and daily exchanges on a high level, the execcution team of DSS is unbeatable. There are no bad ideas and stupid questions. DSS Group is here to develop and improve. Also when it comes to ideas.

Idea Pitch

Lets meet up in our office or set up a quick call and we will listen to your idea. We calculate things through and can give a proposal within 24 hours.

Brand Set-Up

If we both agree on working with each other we will set up the brand and all background processes. This step usually takes 4-7 days.


After Set-Up we will start promoting your product. We will collect analytics from first day on and will direct campaigns and the whole project. Prrojects should already be profitable in testing phase.

Investment & Foundation

Whenever the test-phase ends there will be a reason for such decisions: Either the Product works - or not. If case 1 occurs we will found a company together with you and investors. All business related tasks will be done in-house by our PM's.

Our current brands under development

A small selection of brands we are currently developing in order to launch them soon as own, independent companies.